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5th Army Insignia

752nd Tank Battalion
in World War II

752nd Tank Battalion Insignia

The men of the 752nd Tank Battalion distinguished themselves in some of the most difficult combat in the Italian Campaign. They recorded the highest number of consecutive combat days for any battalion in the entire Fifth Army (341), and became the only independent tank battalion in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations to receive the Presidential Unit Citation. This website is respectfully dedicated to the men of the 752nd Tank Battalion, who are more than justified in their pride.

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  • Special Features
    WWII Tank Helmet M-1938 & Related Equipment
    The original and most authoritative online reference source providing
    a comprehensive overview of the M-1938 tanker helmet and all of its
    commonly worn accessories. It includes a brief synopsis of the design
    and development of the helmet, as well as many wartime and modern
    photos to illustrate design features. Photos and technical descriptions
    explain a wide range of accessories used with the M-1938 helmet, such
    as headsets, microphones, goggles, etc. Recently updated!

    Rocket Tanks in the 752nd Tank Battalion
    A detailed history of the development and use of rocket tanks
    in the 752nd Tank Battalion, including photos and technical data.

    Ft. Snelling M5A1 Light Tank Restoration Project
    See a 752nd M5A1 Stuart light tank being restored
    by the Fort Snelling Military Museum Volunteers, Inc.

    Tragedies of War: A 752nd Medic's Story
    A tragic story of the life and death of PFC Armando Achino, a 752nd Medic
    killed in action near Rome, 4 June 1944. A touching story by Mauro Mazzia.

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