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752nd Tank Battalion Organization & Equipment

The chief mission of the independent tank battalion in World War II was to inflict "rapid concentration of fire power and shock action upon enemy personnel, equipment, and installations." A complex organization was required to ensure the successful achievement of this mission. The following pages illustrate what a WWII tank battalion looked like, how it functioned, and how its men were equipped and deployed. Also included is a detailed photojournal illustrating the wide variety of the tanks used by the 752nd, and their unique marking schemes.

Organization & Equipment Function & Operation Tanks of the 752nd (Photo essay)
Battalion Organization Chart HQ & HQ Company M4 & M4A1 Sherman Tanks
Tank Battalion Personnel Reconnaissance Platoon M4A3 76mm Sherman Medium Tanks
Personnel & Equipment Totals Mortar Platoon M3 Lee Medium Tanks
Crew Assignments by Vehicle Assault Gun Platoon M5 Stuart/M24 Chaffee Light Tanks
Detailed Equipment Allocation Service Company Rocket Tanks
WWII M-1938 Tank Helmet Supply Function Soft-Skinned Vehicles
Maintenance Function
Medical Detachment Function
752's Medical Detachment