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752nd Tank Battalion Website Map

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Historical Information
    Historical Narrative
    Route Map
    Units Supported
    Battle at Cecina
    Battle at The Rock
    Battle at Verona
    Newspaper Articles
Organization & Equipment

    Schematic Overview of the Battalion
    Tank Battalion Personnel
    Personnel and Equipment Summary
    Organization of Vehicles, Personnel, & Small Arms
    Detailed Equipment Allocation
    WWII M-1938 Tank Helmet

Function & Operation of Component Units
    HQ and HQ Company
    Reconnaissance Platoon
    Mortar Platoon
    Assault Gun Platoon
    Service Company
    Supply Function
    Maintenance Function
    Medical Detachment Function
    752nd Medical Detachment     

752nd Tank Battalion Vehicles & Markings
    M4 and M4A1 Medium Tanks of the 752nd
    M4A3 76mm Medium Tanks of the 752nd
    M3 Lee Medium Tanks of the 752nd
    M5/M5A1 Stuart & M24 Chaffee Light Tanks of the 752nd
    Rocket Tanks of the 752nd
    Soft-Skinned Vehicles of the 752nd
Photos of the 752nd

    Armored Training
    From Eboli to Rome
    To the Arno
    Northern Apennines
    Po Valley
    Vicenza Combat Photos
    At Ease
Insignia of the 752nd

Awards to the 752nd
    Presidential Unit Citation
    II Corps Commendation
    85th Infantry Divisional Commendation
    Individual Awards
    Excerpts from Individual Citations

Casualties and Honor Roll
    Combat Casualties
    Honor Roll
    The Story of PFC Armando Achino

752nd Armored Training School

752nd M5A1 Restoration Project