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Historical Information

 752nd Shoulder Insignia

Very little of the 752nd Tank Battalion's history has been published. Shortly after the war ended, a well-written book called "The Story of the 752nd" was offered for sale to the vets of the unit. The book was written by an unknown member of the 752nd, most likely someone in Headquarters who had access to the official records before they were shipped off to the War Department in Washington. The author drew heavily from the monthly after-action reports, and painted a vivid picture of life in the 752nd by wrapping his personal commentary around the otherwise drab historical facts. Some 70 years later, this book still serves as the best single source of the battalion's wartime history.

Additional depth and perspective can be gained from the official 752nd records, other historical reference books, and interviews with the officers and men who were actually there. The links below provide a variety of historical perspectives based on the available information. Please click on a link to explore and experience the history of the 752nd Tank Battalion.
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