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A 752nd tanker reads a letter from home
while his Rocket Tank crew awaits firing orders

It would be a very special honor to hear from any of the vets, family members, or friends of the 752nd Tank Battalion. I've spent the past 30+ years painstakingly researching the 752nd Tank Battalion and have created and maintained a roster of more than 3,100 men of this battalion, along with any relevant details about each man's service that exist in those records. Those personnel details include transfer and promotion dates, temporary duty assignments, medical and hospitalization records, changes in Military Occupation Specialties (MOS), disciplinary actions, and more. My database includes digitized copies of every 752nd record on file in the various National Archives facilities across the country, as well as many official (and sometimes original) documents that are not available within the National Archives system. I have also digitized the extremely detailed morning reports for every company in the battalion during the combat period, plus all the maps that the 752nd used in Italy. From these original materials I have created a massive personnel database, and have electronically mapped more than 2,000 reported coordinates to trace the battalion's every movement.

Armed with these resources and research experience, I'd be honored to provide insightful commentary about specific people, places, or actions that relate to the battalion, or even to specific soldiers. I'd also be happy to help you determine a vet's specific medal entitlements and their correct display based on Army protocol.

If you'd like to share photographs or any personal documents related to the 752nd, I would be extremely interested to see them. Even the smallest details in the grainiest photos or the least legible documents can provide important clues about life in the 752nd. Even in 2022, new research materials continue to be submitted by familes who generously share their vet's experiences, and these details greatly enhance the overall understanding of the battalion's history. I am happy to either keep those materials confidential and use them strictly for my continuing research, or to share them more broadly with credit given to your vet. The choice is completely yours, and completely respected. I am happy to work with electronic copies, in order to keep these family treasures safely in the hands of the families where they belong.

Please be sure to come back to this website from time to time, as I am continually adding more information.

Thanks for visiting!

Bob Holt
Historian and Webmaster
752nd Tank Battalion

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