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Random Shots
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Three tanks of either A Company or B Company are parked along a snowy mountain road, some 6,000 feet high in the Italian Alps. Photo was taken just south of the Brenner Pass on 4 May 1945, two days after the war in Italy had ended. (Official U.S. Signal Corps photo).
Cpl. Lewis Arbuckle of B Company poses in front of his M4A3 76mm tank in Gorizia, Italy 29 July 1945. Note the rubber chevron track blocks, duckbill track extenders, and spare track blocks over the driver's position. This is Tank B5 of the first platoon.
Men of B Company pose next to an M4A3 76mm tank in Cormons, Italy several months after the war had ended. Note the shininess of the turret, and the large block lettering "Blonde Buster" on the hull. Though most of the "old-timers" had already rotated home under the points system, quite a few combat vets were still waiting it out.
Eventually, crisp military drill once again became part of everyday Army life in postwar Italy. Here, the 752nd drills at Caserma Amadio in Cormons, which served as the 752nd HQ during part of 1945.
The Villa Piccoli Brazza Martinengo, built in 1715, served as the 752nd command post at Soleschiano during the early postwar period. This is where the 752nd was awarded its Distinguished Unit Citation by General Bolte in September 1945. Lt. Col. Woodbury continued to command from here until his departure a few days after the citation ceremony.
In 1946, the men of the 752nd were sent to Cortina, Italy on a two-week mountain training mission without their tanks. High in the mountains, it has been said that this was the best place ever found for training. Shown here is an inspection at the Ampezzo Hotel at Cortina d'Ampezzo. Today, Cortina is world famous for its outstanding ski resorts.
Tank A6, strangely named Ah!D'Broom, parades along Riva Tre Novembre in Trieste on 2 May 1946. This parade celebrated the first anniversary of the end of the war in Italy. This tank is a wartime veteran equipped with the old VVSS suspension. (Official U.S. Signal Corps photo).
After the war ended, the 752 was equipped with the newer HVSS model of the Sherman tank. Shown here is a 105mm HVSS Assault Gun during maneuvers with the 88th Infantry Division at Ossopo, Italy, 8 November 1946. Note the unusual use of the old "star in circle" identification on this new vehicle. (Official U.S. Signal Corps photo).
A 752nd M4A3 76mm tank with the new HVSS suspension takes on a tree during maneuvers at Osoppo, Italy on 8 November 1946. This tank from C Company is named "Cat". The practice of knocking down trees with tanks was discouraged. (Official U.S. Signal Corps photo).
The 752nd was permanently assigned a full compliment of 75mm M24 light tanks after the war ended. Here, D Company crew members place a tarp over an M24 named "Dolly" in Cormons on 8 November 1946.  This photo was taken just a few days after a visit to Gorizia and the surrounding area by 5-star General Eisenhower to the 88th Infantry and 752nd Tank Battalion on 16 October 1946.
Dog Company M24's lined up at Cormons. Tanks were generally given names beginning with the letter of the company. Tank D17 in the foreground was named Duration Plus, apparently named by wartime crewmember who was still waiting to be shipped Stateside. Other known names were Dorothy (D16), Dottie (D13), Dot (D6), Deadline (unknown number), and Dolly (Unknown Number, see above photo).
Soldiers conduct maintenance duties on their T2 tank recovery vehicle named "Big Weldon." This particluar vehicle had soldiered all the way up the Italian boot during the war. Note the fake main gun tube. Photo taken at Udine on 8 November 1946. (Official U.S. Signal Corps photo).

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