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Timeline of the
752nd Tank Battalion

  • 752nd Tank Battalion (Medium) activated at Ft. Knox, KY
  1 June 1941
  • Personnel arrive at Ft. Lewis, WA for training
  December 1941
  • Depart Ft. Lewis for Desert Training Center, Indio, CA
  13 April 1942
  • Battalion entrains for Indiantown Gap, PA
  29 July 1942
  • Battalion arrives at Indiantown Gap, PA
  3 August 1942
  • 752nd departs New York Port of Embarkation aboard the RMS Orcades
  6 August 1942
  • Arrives at Liverpool, England for training at Camp Pennings, Tidworth Barracks, and Perham Downs
  17 August 1942
  • Battalion departs Liverpool, England for North Africa aboard the RMS Reina Del Pacifico
  7 January 1943
  • Battalion arrives at Oran, North Africa
  17 January 1943
  • 752nd Tank Battalion inactivated, reclassified as 2642nd Armored Replacement Battalion
  17 March 1943
  • 2642nd Armored Replacement Battalion inactivated, reclassified as 752nd Tank Battalion
  16 September 1943
  • Reorganized as 752nd Medium Tank Battalion, with addition of D Company (Light Tanks)
  22 December 1943
  • Battalion personnel ship out of Bizerte, Tunisia for Italy aboard LCI's
  10 January 1944
  • Battalion personnel arrive at port of Bagnoli, Italy, near Naples
  12 January 1944
  • LSTs loaded with 752nd tanks ship out of Bizerte
  12 January 1944
  • LSTs arrive with 752nd tanks at Salerno
  14 January 1944
  • Battalion training area set up near Eboli, Italy
  15 January 1944
  • 752nd moves out as part of Anzio breakout
  24 May 1944
  • B Company receives the 752nd's first combat assignment, with its first engagement 0.4 miles southeast of Maenza. HQ Company suffers battalion's first combat casualties from counter-battery at this same location. A Company enters its first combat 1.7 miles south of Roccagorga.
  27 May 1944
  • C Company enters its first combat 1.4 miles south of Roccagorga.
  28 May 1944
  • Liberation of Rome. Battalion loses its first tanks, as three B Company tanks are knocked out on Via Prenestina in hard fighting just east of Rome.
  4 June 1944
  • 752nd supports 34th Infantry in fierce battle for Cecina. Battalion suffers its highest single-day tank loss, with A Company losing 9 tanks on 1 July. B Company destroys one Tiger tank.
  29 June - 2 July 1944
  • Lengthy struggle for control of Rosignano, the battalion's highest-casualty battle (33 casualties).
  3-12 July 1944
  • A Company enters Livorno (Leghorn), followed by C Company the next day.
  18 July 1944
  • All medium companies supporting 85th Infantry attack on Mt. Altuzzo as Gothic Line is breached.
  12-18 September 1944
  • Battalion moves through Passo il Giogo
  19 September 1944
  • B and C Companies support 85th Infantry attack toward Firenzuola
  22 September 1944
  • C and HQ Companies defeat German forces at "The Rock" (Hill 966), later awarded 85th Infantry Divisional Commendation for this action.
  26-27 September 1944
  • Assault Gun Platoon exchanges M7 Priests for 105mm M4A3s
  24 December 1944
  • D Company light tankers rejoin rest of battalion, having remained at Eboli training area since arriving in Italy. New M5A1s drawn to replace those left in Eboli.
  21 January 1945
  • Battalion exchanges 39 M4 and M4A1 tanks for 76mm M4A3 vehicles, and completes exchange on March 7, 1945 with total of 54 M4A3s. Some older M4 and M4A1 tanks remain in forward positions, and are retained for later use as lead vehicles when traveling through minefields.
  24 February 1945
  • D Company exchanges M5A1 tanks for 75 mm M24 Chaffee light tanks, and move into forward positions to support Medium companies.
  12 March 1945
  • All 17 M24 tanks of D Company turned in to 1st Armored Division, replaced by 17 M5A1 tanks on April 7th.
  5 April 1945
  • D-Day for the Spring Offensive. B and C Companies support 34th Infantry in the assault under heavy artillery and rocket tank barrage. 
  16 April 1945
  • B Company leads the attack out of the hills south of Bologna along Highway 65, entering the city at 0700. Bologna was the fourth large city liberated by the 752nd (previously Rome, Cecina, and Livorno).
  21 April 1945
  • D Company light tanks become the first allied armor to cross the Po River and advance 30 miles (48 km) in 6 hours while engaging in several firefights along the way. Took and held Verona as bypassed enemy tried to retreat through town during the night.
  25 April 1945
  • Battle for Vicenza, fiercest battle in the Po Valley campaign. 752nd suffers 19 casualties, its heaviest single-day toll.
  28 April 1945
  • Germans sign secret surrender agreement in Italy. Heavy firefights in Bassano-Sandrigo area, with B Company suffering the battalion's final tank losses of the war. Total combat losses for the entire battalion are 52 medium tanks knocked out (damaged or destroyed).
  29 April 1945
  • The 752nd Tank Battalion suffers its last combat casualty in the Italian campaign, Cpl. George "Red" Blessing of B Company.
  1 May 1945
  • The war in Italy finally ends. 752nd engages in several firefights earlier in day, armistice confirmed at 1700 and all advances halted. Battalion remains in Italy in peacekeeping role.
  2 May 1945
  • C Company is awarded a commendation from the 85th Infantry Division for action in September 1944 (GO #49)
  15 June 1945
  • General Bolte of 34th Infantry presents 752nd with Distinguished Unit Citation (later renamed Presidential Unit Citation). Awarded for Po Valley action per GO #110.
  19 September 1945
  • Lt. Col. Woodbury leaves the 752nd to join the Command and General Staff School in States, Major Singley takes over.
  22 September 1945
  • 752nd Tank Battalion is inactivated
  10 August 1947

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